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Wondertex Premium 5 Hot And Cold Mix

General Information

Premier 5 is a hot or cold mix decorative textured finish for use on ceilings and walls.



Premier 5 conforms to:

Manufactured to BS6214: 1982



As a general guide: Light textures 35m2 / 25kg

Heavy textures 20-30m2 / 25kg


Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean, sound and dry prior to application.

For application on papered, flaky or distempered surfaces,

Remove previous decorative material and seal, using Wondertex stabaliser.



Slowly add Premier 5 to hot, warm or cold water at about 1kg per pint (approx.­500ml). Stir in briskly and leave for a few minutes. Mix to the required consistency by adding more. Always leave Premier 5 to stand for a few minutes before application. Do not use below 3oC.


Application and fixing

Apply liberally in one metre strips with brush or roller across the ceiling width or from top to bottom of walls. Texture an area of

appro­ximately one square metre at a time while still wet. Working time is up to 15 minutes.




Easy to work with, mixes easily and slides on, saving time

Same day process saves time and travel

Covers and hides uneven surfaces

A greater coverage per bag

Gives a professional finish time after time


Caulking and texturing

Caulk out taping and pre-caulking with caulk tool. After appro­ximately 2 hours, apply texture coat with a laying on

brush or lambswool roller and pattern to required design. Leave to dry completely for 5 days, apply a mist

coat and full coat of good quality emulsion paint for the perfect  finish.

Should weather or site conditions cause uneven drying, any resulting colour irre­gula­rities can be treated simply by

painting over with an almond white emulsion diluted with 25% water.

Where texturing may be delayed for an unusually long period, sealing should be carried out as soon as possible

– particularly if the weather is hot and dry. To produce a surface of uniform porosity the recommended method is

to carry out taping, pre-caulking, caulking and texturing as a one-day operation.



Supplied in powder form in 25kg bags.



Recommended shelf life 12 months. Store in dry



Health & Safety

Avoid contact with eyes and ingestion. If splashes enter eyes DO NOT RUB but wash with plenty of water. It is advisable to wear

protective gloves and wash off any contact with skin. Wash hands after use. Clean any accidental splashes from floors etc. with

warm water before dry.




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