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Woodstain: Sikkens THB from Greengate's

Wood is an extremely versatile material and has many qualities both physical and aesthetic. Exterior timber must be properly protected in order to maintain these qualities and Sikkens THB Topcoat Woodstain is the ideal way to do it.

Sikkens 1Ltr THB Topcoat WoodstainSikkens THB Topcoat Woodstain is a semi-transparent woodstain and, solvent-borne, is designed to use as a finish over Cetol HLS Plus on exterior joinery, whether hardwood or softwood. It can also be used as a maintenance treatment for timber previously treated with Cetol Filter 7. It is, however, not recommended for areas subject to particularly high levels of abrasion, such as decking.

Before application, it is essential to ensure that the wood surface is clean, dry and free from any grease; moisture content should not exceed 18%. The surface should be fully degreased and any resinous deposits removed with a scraper. As when working with any such chemicals, wearing eye and hand protection is advised.

When filling, it is essential that you use fillers specifically designed for use with timber. All-purpose fillers are not recommended, particularly with external timber, as they are not able to accommodate natural movement of the timber and can work loose.

For more details about Sikkens THB Topcoat Woodstain, check the product page on our website. Need advice? Get in touch with our skilled technical team!

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