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Would You Prefer A New Build Home?

Would You Prefer A New Build Home?

A study shows new-build homes are being shunned by millions of Britons who dismiss them as too small, ‘characterless’ and poor quality.

As the Government pledges to build more homes, research found many homeowners would refuse to buy a newer property.

Some respondents claimed new houses were like ‘rabbit hutches’ and had ‘small rooms’ and ‘thin walls’ and with over a third thinking new builds were poor quality, according to the survey by the Homeowners Alliance.

Almost half of Britons, want an older home, while the rest want to build their own house.

Those Britons who do dream of a new-build, however, said they liked that they had ‘no hidden problems’ or ‘old pipes’.
The survey found half of people believed the biggest benefits of a new-build were the low maintenance costs and better energy efficiency.
Others said it was the ‘easiest way to get on the property ladder’.

The Government’s Help to Buy scheme had helped thousands of people take their first step on to the property ladder by enabling people with small deposits to buy new-build housing.
Younger buyers were more likely to favour new-builds than older people, while they were most popular in Wales and the north-east of England.

Official figures show about 120,000 homes were completed last year, an increase on 2013 but still only half the 240,000 experts say are needed to deal with the UK’s chronic housing shortage.

The Government has pledged to ease the supply shortage by building 200,000 cut-price starter homes.

Prime Minister David Cameron said first-time buyers under 40 would be able to buy these houses at a 20 per cent discount to ensure ‘everyone who works hard can have a home of their own’.

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