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Would You Want A Brown Car?

When it comes to selecting car colour, brown is firmly at the bottom of most peoples check list. But it appears manufacturers are pushing cocoa-coloured cars as the next fashion trend to take over from white. Are you sold?

At the Frankfurt Motor Show last September apparently car manufactures were pushing the colour brown. Cars were shown in a deep metallic chestnut brown by all the manufactures.

Fiat had opted to showcase one of its third generation Panda superminis in a gloss bark colour. And even the reserved Korean carmaker SsanYong decided dark bronze was the most impactful way to present the sculptured bodywork of its XIV-1 concept car.

According to the AA, which surveyed over 15,000 car owners in 2011 found that brown has a way to go if it wants to become popular. Only 1% of UK motorists owned a brown car and 0% wanted to own.

But then again who would off  thought that white would prove so popular when pearly blanc started appearing more frequently as a colour option in brochures a few years ago. Difficult to keep clean, easily mistaken for commercial vehicles and the choice colour for the majority of marked police cars.

Just how important is colour?

It’s not like colour isn’t an overwhelming factor in people’s choices. It’s always one of the first fields we fill in when using car buying websites and is one of the most considered areas of selecting a car. But if the sceptics have been wrong before they can be wrong again.

So will carmakers be able to make cinnamon-coloured cars popular? Asks Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, Lancashire.


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