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Gyproc Cove Adhesive is gypsum based, to suit all aspects of installation, and dries to a white finish.


Gyproc Cove Adhesive is used to install Gyproc Cove, Cornice, Cornice strips and Cornice Battens, typically at the angle between the wall and ceiling. The Gyproc Cove and Cornice range is used to provide a decorative finish to a room.


Ensure wall and ceiling backgrounds are sound, clean and dry, removing any wallpaper before attempting to fix the cove. Scratch plastered or painted areas which will be in contact with the cove to provide a key for the adhesive, and brush away any dust or loose material.


  • Ensure mixing is undertaken in a well ventilated environment. All mixing equipment should be kept clean and free from previously set materials, as this may cause newly prepared adhesive to set quicker than the recommended time frame.
  • Mix the Gyproc Cove Adhesive powder into clean water as per the guidance on the packaging and stir to a smooth paste. Ensure the mix is stiff enough to spread onto the cove without it running- too stiff and it will be difficult to apply and too thin it will not bond properly.
  • As a rough guide 1Kg of Gyproc Cove Adhesive will fix about 4m of Gyproc Cove or Cornice and remains useable for approximately 40minutes. Avoid mixing more than can be used in this time as it will set hard in 90-120minutes.

Applying Adhesive

Apply the adhesive in a 3mm thickness to both surfaces of the cove that will be in contact with the wall or ceiling. For very dry plaster backgrounds or those with high suction, dampen down with a clean sponge and clean water immediately prior to adhesive application. This will prevent the adhesive drying out too rapidly.

Making Good

Remove excess adhesive and use it to make good any joints. Finally, moisten a paint brush and trace it along the junctions of the cove and the background to smooth out any adhesive before it sets.


Gyproc Cove Adhesive will normally set hard in 90-120minutes. It is recommended that at least 24hrs is given to allow for any remaining moisture to dry out before applying a paint finish.

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