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Hanson Multicem

Hanson Multicem is manufactured to comply with the requirements of BS EN 197-1 CEM II/A-LL (Portland-limestone cement) strength class 32,5R.


Multicem incorporates a specially selected additive to entrain air and improve workability and durability which makes it ideal for general purpose concrete, mortar, render and screed.


Hanson uses the most efficient dry-process kilns to manufacture cement, the benefit of which includes lower energy consumption. These burn up to 60% recycled and non fossil fuels and use waste as a source of raw material – all of which would otherwise go to landfill or inci­nera­tion. Hanson is one of the lowest emitters of carbon dioxide per tonne of cement clinker in the UK and is committed to further reductions into the future.


Multicem is a CEM II cement with reduced clinker content which enhances susta­ina­bility through the use of carefully selected raw materials, further reducing the carbon footprint of the cement.



Multicem is designed specially to give the ease of spreading and water retention necessary for mortars, entraining air and contributing to superior plastic properties in concrete and enhanced durability to frost in hardened mortar and concrete.



In Brief:


Ideal for general purpose concrete, mortar, render and screed.

Incorporates a specially selected additive to entrain air.
Offers improved workability.  Enhanced durability to frost when hardened.
A low CO2 cement.
Declared Cr(VI) shelf life shown on bag.

Pallet quantity 
25kg bag: 56 bags per 1.4 tonne pallet.

Multicem now comes in a water proof bag.


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