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Hessian Frost Protection: Prepare for Winter

Winter is almost here and so it's time to start thinking about frost protection. During the colder months, the damage caused by frost can bring a number of compli­cations to any construction site and prevention is always better than cure in this respect.

One of the most effective and economical ways to protect many areas of a construction site from frost is with the use of hessian covers, which are now available to buy from Greengate's at a highly competitive price. As your local builders merchant, we insist on supplying products of the very best quality and our hessian frost protection covers fall squarely into that category.

Frost damage on a building site can affect materials in many ways though two of the most significant are damage to materials and attendant downtime.

  • Damage to Materials: unlike most other liquids, water expands as it freezes. This leads to the dreaded freeze/thaw effect, in which expansion causes crevices to widen, allowing more water to enter and exacerbating the process. Materials such as bricks, blocks, sills and other masonry items are highly susceptible to this damaging effect and wrapping them in hessian ensures they are well insulated, preventing water, frost and ice from penetrating.
  • Downtime: If materials or structures are damaged in this way, they will obviously need to be repaired or replaced. This leads to time being lost while waiting for repair or replacement, hindering productivity and wasting precious time and money.

Hessian frost protection covers from Greengate's are supplied in 46-metre rolls, each of which has a width of 137cm, ensuring they are easy and convenient to store. Usage is just as simple and rapid; the hessian frost protection covers can be simply cut using scissors or a blade.

For more information about our hessian frost protection covers, please get in touch with a member of our skilled technical team.

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