Timber Decking: Five Steps to Success

Creating timber decking in your garden or outdoor space has loads of advantages, from giving you more practical space to increasing the financial value of your property. Whether you want to create a large-scale masterpiece or a small, simple and intimate deck, here are five tips that will help...

  1. Planning Permission. In the UK, you'll have to seek planning permission from the relevant authorities if you intend to create a decking structure that is higher than 30cm above the ground and/or that will cover more than half of an outdoor area (taken into consideration with other structures such as sheds, outbuildings and extensions).
  2. Elevated or Ground-Level? Decking at ground level is likely to be less complicated to install and will not require the addition of a balustrade or handrail for safety. A raised decking platform is ideal for landscaping sloping or uneven ground and can create extra storage space underneath.
  3. Practical Design. It's important to make sure that your design is practical and not just aesthetically pleasing. Take plenty of time to create design plans and keep checking to make sure you haven't forgotten any essential details.­ 
  4. Use Quality Components. You're going to want your decking to last and last so make sure you only purchase boards, accessories (such as newels, spindles and handrails) and fixings of superlative quality. Greengate's, your local builders merchant, offer access to a comprehensive collection of decking components, all guaranteed to be of a professional quality standard.
  5. Colour Choices. There is a vast array of specialist coatings that, as well as providing increased protection from the elements, can dramatically change the aesthetic appearance of timber decking. Check out the 'Paint, Brushes and Wood Stain' section of our website for more details.

All of the components required to create professional timber decking are available in the dedicated 'Decking' section of our website. Browse now and get creative!