4 Top Tips for Divine Decking

Creating a timber decking structure for your garden brings many benefits, from providing you and your family with extra usable outdoor space to adding significant financial value to the property. Whatever kind of structure you envisage, be it a monumental masterpiece or a cosy, compact creation, follow these four tips to achieve divine decking...

  1. First Things First. If your proposed decking will be higher than 30cm above the ground and/or will cover more than 50% of an outside area, you will need to seek and be awarded proper planning permission from the relevant local authority. Failing to get such permission is against the law.
  2. Design Decisions. Ground-level decking is less complicated to design and will not require additional safety components such as handrails and balustrades. On the other hand, raised decking platforms have a more 'finished' look and can offer bonus storage space beneath. Elevated decking is also ideal for landscaping where the ground is sloping or otherwise uneven. Make sure your design gives equal weight to both practical and aesthetic value.
  3. Buy Quality Components. This is where Greengate's, your local builder's merchant, are more than able to provide everything you need. We supply a comprehensive selection of decking boards and other related timber accessories (like handrails, spindles and newels), all of which are guaranteed to be of professional quality and designed to last. While you're on our website buying these components, you'll also find all the required ancillaries like nails, screws, tools and protective clothing.
  4. Colour Choices. Once your decking is built, you can choose from an extensive array of specialist coatings that serve a dual function: giving the decking extra protection against the weather and enhancing the visual appeal of the timber. For more details, please visit the 'Paint, Brushes and Wood Stain' section of the Greengate's website.

Spring is an ideal time to start a decking project that will be completed ready to enjoy during the coming summer. Get everything you need from Greengate's!

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