5 Creative Ways to Use... Bricks!

There are so many different types of brick available, each with its own unique aesthetic. Here at Greengate's, your local builders merchant, we always have a superb selection of bricks in stock: you can also source 1,000+ other styles using our free brick matching service. In this edition of our blog, we inspire you with 10 creative ways to use bricks to create stunning features in your garden.

  1. Stairs. A sloping garden can create all sorts of landscaping problems, which can be solved in an instant by joining two elevations with a simple brick staircase. Flank with your favourite flowers to create a star attraction in your garden.
  2. Bed Edging. Soil and mulch can easily leach out of a bed so edge it with bricks to keep the mess in. You can either dig a shallow trough to lay them in or simply place them end-to-end on the ground.
  3. Retaining Wall. You can create a loose clay block retaining wall without the need for mortar. Line with landscaping fabric (available from our website) and level off with soil.
  4. Garden Path. A thoughtfully-designed brick pathway can add extra appeal to a garden, while simultaneously serving a perfectly practical purpose. You could also install a brick path between raised beds to keep your shoes dry when gardening!
  5. Insect Hotel. Bricks with holes in, properly referred to as 'cored bricks', can be used to create a structure that will attract beneficial insects to your garden. Our Nostell Royston golden buff bricks are perfect for the job.

Projects to improve your home and garden are extremely rewarding. Any such project requires the use of high-quality materials and tools: that's where Greengate's builders merchant comes into the picture. Whatever you need to make your project a success, you'll find it here on our website.

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