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Grumbling about the weather is a national pastime here in the UK but the past month has really given us something to complain about! Just days after Storm Isha had wreaked havoc all over the country, Storm Jocelyn blasted its way in and added insult to injury. Structural elements weakened by the former were finished off by the latter, with vulnerable areas such as roofs and fences taking the brunt of the sustained assault. 

If you are one of the thousands of homeowners whose fences have been damaged or even completely destroyed by the recent storms, repairing them should be a top priority. All of the materials, tools and accessories you require to complete this pressing task to a professional standard are available to purchase from Greengates Builders Merchants and, like everything else we proudly supply, all of these products are guaranteed to be of the very best quality and brought to you at the most competitive price. 

Among the 180+ items that make up the comprehensive collection of fencing products here at Greengates Builders Merchant Accrington, a significant proportion are from the leading DuraPost® brand. These fencing posts, along with related accessories such as rails, channels, caps and covers, are crafted here in the UK using cold-rolled galvanised steel. 

The DuraPost® collection was designed to provide an alternative to fence posts made from traditional materials like timber and concrete. The use of galvanised steel offers numerous advantages over these materials.

  • The galvanised steel used to create DuraPost® components has been cold-rolled, further enhancing its innate strength
  • Concrete and timber fencing components require regular treatments such as staining, sealing and painting; DuraPost® products require no such treatments, making them a low-maintenance option
  • DuraPost® fencing products strongly resist rotting, rusting, warping and cracking
  • As much as 80% lighter than comparable concrete products, DuraPost® fence posts are incredibly easy to handle
  • DuraPost® fencing components are incredibly durable and are designed to offer a minimum useful service life of 25 years

In addition to our comprehensive range of top-quality fencing posts, panels and related accessories, Greengates can also supply all of the ancillary products you need including tools and protective workwear. We invite you to browse our website for more details and to get in touch with our dedicated technical team if you need expert advice.

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