Artificial Grass & Plant Walls: Fake it Until you Make it!

By far one of the most pleasant elements of a garden is simply its colour, with green predominating in the form of grass and plants. Not only are these verdant tones beautiful to look at: a wealth of scientific evidence from studies shows that being in a lush green environment can have positive effects on both mental and physical health, elevating mood while reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. 

The downside is that first achieving and subsequently maintaining such greenery does involve a lot of hard work and its appearance fluctuates with changing weather and seasons. Wouldn't it be fantastic if there were a way to keep your garden or other outdoor space looking so beautiful all year round without all the effort? Well... there is! Say hello to artificial grass and plant walls. 

Artificial Grass
When you create a lawn using artificial grass, all of the mowing, strimming, watering, feeding and maintenance immediately become things of the past. In addition to freeing up lots of time to just enjoy the space, not having to carry out these tasks is also a big money saver as you do not have to even buy the tools in the first place, let alone spend high amounts on the energy needed to power them. 

Though it may not seem like it on the surface, you actually help the environment when you install an artificial lawn. To start with, there is all of the energy saved by not having to use power tools, which also reduces noise pollution. More importantly, real grass requires vast amounts of water to stay healthy and so you'll be saving plenty of this vital resource as well. 

There are countless other benefits to installing artificial grass and there is a delightful range to choose from here at Greengates Builders Merchant Accrington. In addition to the grass itself, we also supply a comprehensive collection of accessories including edgings, adhesives and jointing tape, along with a highly recommended cleaning product from the leading Azpects brand

Artificial Plant Walls
The idea of using plants to decorate the outer walls of a property is an old one, with evidence of the practice dating back to the temples and palaces of the Aztec civilisation. While using plants to beautify walls is undoubtedly an attractive technique, it can be expensive and involves a lot of maintenance. In addition, some plants can weaken the structure they adhere to, especially on older buildings.

A rapid and highly effective solution is to install artificial plant walls, which give all of the aesthetic beauty with none of the drawbacks. Greengates Builders Merchant is a proud supplier of artificial plant wall panels from the innovative Everwall brand, along with the mesh panel fixings required for secure and reliable installation. Each plant wall panel is one square metre in size and you can choose from three gorgeous styles.    

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