Artificial Grass: Discover the Benefits!

Now that spring is almost here, it's time to start thinking about getting gardens looking beautiful again so that they are ready to enjoy with family and friends when the warmer weather arrives. One thing that certainly adds beauty, as well as practical value, to a garden is a lush green lawn. If you've never considered achieving such a lawn with artificial grass then this edition of the Greengates Builders Merchant blog is for you!

Artificial grass brings with it a host of benefits and advantages compared to the real thing and here we look at just some of them. 

To start with, looking after a real grass lawn and keeping it in tip-top condition is a full time job. The lawn must be regularly mowed and all of the trimmings raked up, not to mention keeping it free of weeds. All of this takes up valuable time which could be much better spent simply enjoying the area. 

Artificial grass lawns need no such upkeep. Mowers and strimmers are expensive tools to begin with and then you have to consider the electricity or petrol it takes to power them. Not having to bother with mowing and strimming thus saves you plenty of money. 

It may seem counter-intuitive but artificial lawns are actually much better for the environment than real ones! To keep a lawn looking green and healthy means using lots of water, along with the aforementioned usage of power needed for mowers and strimmers. In addition, not having to use such power tools means a reduction in noise pollution. 

Anyone who has hayfever will well know the misery that real grass can cause when the allergy hits. With an artificial lawn, everyone can enjoy the space without having to worry about hayfever attacks. 

After rain showers, an inevitable problem during the British summertime, lawns can become muddy and thus unusable. There are no problems with this when you choose artificial grass. In addition, an artificial lawn will stay lovely and green all year round. 

Discover our complete collection of artificial grass and accessories on the Greengates website. If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert technical team.  

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