Azpects: Protects & Respects your Projects!

Greengates Builders Merchant proudly supplies a superb selection of products that are designed and manufactured by Azpects, a company that has been dedicated to facilitating landscaping work since it was established back in 2009. Since that time and right up to the present day, Azpects has continued upholding its unwavering commitment to provide products that offer reliable, effective solutions to the many challenges encountered in construction, renovation and maintenance. 

Azpects started with just a single product: EASYJoint. This innovative jointing compound has certainly made its mark, having become the leading product of its type here in the UK. In addition to the continued supply of EASYJoint, Azpects now manufactures more than 40 different products, key collections of which are available to consumers through a carefully-chosen network of official suppliers, among which Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington is extremely proud to number. 

The Azpects core values are summarised in a single acrostic: PRIDE.
P — Passion for creating products of superior quality.
R — Respect across the board: for its customers, its staff and the planet as a whole
I — Innovation in product development, ensuring that the needs of its customers are met
D — Dependability, providing a service that consistently prioritises integrity and honesty
E — Easing the stresses and strains normally associated with common landscaping problems

The range of Azpects products available from Greengates includes:

Azpects Easy4Rust
Azpects Easy4Rust offers a fast, easy and ultra-reliable method for removing rust spots and oxidation from a wide range of substrates including concrete, stone and timber. Supplied in a convenient ready-to-use format, the acid-free formula quickly converts rust into a solution that can be simply washed away, all the while ensuring that the visual appearance of the substrate remains unaltered. Easy4Rust is available in containers of 500ml, which is sufficient to treat as much as three square metres of rust-affected surface. 

Azpects Patio & Deck Cleaner
Patios and decking structures provide a home with qualities of both form and function, combining practical extra living space with enhanced aesthetic value. This latter quality can be completely undermined if the patio or deck becomes dirty: Azpects Patio & Deck Cleaner represents a powerful yet effortless solution. Supplied in a highly-concentrated format of professional strength, the formula is suitable for all exterior surfaces from timber to stone, concrete and other types of masonry. 

Even after the formula has been applied and rinsed away, it continues to provide active protection for as long as twelve months. Just one litre of the concentrated cleaning solution can treat a massive 140 square metres of surface. 

Please browse the Greengates website to discover our complete collection of Azpects products, all of which are made available to our customers at the most competitive price point. 

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