Benefits of Fencing: Our Top 5...

Here at Greengate's, your local builder's merchant, we can supply you with an extensive range of premium-quality landscaping products, which allow you to create the garden of your dreams. The comprehensive collection of products includes a selection of fencing components, including timber and concrete panels, posts and related accessories.

A good garden fence brings a host of benefits with it. This edition of our blog looks at the top five...

  • Be Safe, Be Secure. A fence presents a barrier that is both physical and psychological, acting as a strong deterrent to any potential trespasser or intruder and thus dramatically improving home security. The reverse is also true: in addition to keeping unwanted people out, a fence also acts to keep children and pets inside the garden, improving their safety and your peace of mind. 
  • Draw the Line. Boundaries between properties are often hotly disputed and this problem is aggravated by a lack of a visible marker; a fence plays this role admirably and cannot be misunderstood. Trespass of either intentional or accidental nature is completely prevented. 
  • Preserve Privacy. Though outdoors, our garden is a natural extension of our home and should therefore be private places in which we can freely relax and enjoy ourselves. A good fence goes a long way towards delivering that much-needed privacy. It is also an ideal natural line along which to plant trees or bushes that can further enhance the level of privacy. 
  • Attractive Aesthetics. Though most benefits of garden fences are practical, the improvement to aesthetic value should not be underestimated. Adding visual structure and style, a good fence can really enhance the aesthetic appeal of a property, which in turn adds financial value. 
  • Whack those Weeds! Everyone wants to keep weeds out of their garden but your efforts can be thwarted by less vigilant neighbours. A fence helps to prevent the transfer of weeds from garden to garden. If a damaged fence has meant that your garden has become infested by weeds from neighbouring gardens, the best way to treat it is with super-effective Weedol, which is also available at the most competitive price from Greengate's, your local builders merchant. 

Discover our complete range of fencing components on the Greengate's website. If you need any further information or advice, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team .

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