Chimney Protection: The Birds are Coming!

Looking forward to snuggling up to the fire as autumn progresses and winter approaches? You're not the only one! Birds feel the cold just as much as we do and so they'll be on the lookout for a safe, warm and cosy place to roost. That place might very well be YOUR chimney...

Birds nesting in chimneys can cause lots of problems. For a start, there is the issue of their droppings, which can build up over time and harbour dangerous bacteria. If a bird happens to die inside your chimney, it's very difficult to get out and will cause a terrible smell!

On a more serious note, birds nests can cause blockages that prevent the escape of carbon monoxide. Known as 'the silent killer', carbon monoxide has no detectable odour and so can build up to fatal levels before the occupants notice that anything is wrong.

Prevention is, as always, much better than cure and the solution is to install a galvanised wire balloon, which are available to purchase from Greengate's, your local builders merchant. It's a simple, easy job to do and will prevent a costly, disruptive remedial process.

Wire balloons are made from premium quality galvanised steel, a material renowned for its strength, durability and exceptional resistance to corrosion. Once installed, a process that involves simply bending the balloon into shape by hand and placing inside the chimney, this essential product will deliver years and years of service without any maintenance whatsoever. Two different sizes are available to suit both standard and extra-large chimneys.

You can find out more about galvanised wire balloons on the product page of our website. 

In the coming weeks, we'll be publishing a series of articles showcasing products available from Greengate's builders merchant that will help you get your property ready to withstand the coming winter, which is predicted to be one of the worst on record. To make sure that you don't miss out on these important blog posts, please subscribe to receive our regular newsletter

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