CK: The Hand Tools of the Century

If the old saying about how a bad worker always blames their tools is true, then bad workers should steer clear of using CK tools! Designed and crafted with expert precision, tools made by the globally-recognised brand are of such absolute, undeniable quality that they simply couldn't be believably blamed for causing any shoddy workmanship whatsoever.

The unblemished reputation of CK Tools has been gained over a period of more than 100 years: in this time, the brand has grown and evolved to become a key player in the field of hand-tool manufacturing, always present at the cutting edge both figuratively and literally. Designed to meet the most demanding requirements of any application you care to put them to work on, every tool produced by CK carries an inherent guarantee of perfection.

The customers who purchase CK Tools come from all walks of like, from the seasoned trade professional to enthusiastic DIYers and everyone in between. What unites them is their shared desire to produce impressive, lasting results in their projects and their common knowledge that CK Tools is the name to trust when sourcing the tools to do so. Rich heritage, persistently-proven track record of quality, the finest engineering expertise and the choicest manufacturing materials: CK Tools has it all.

 The range of CK tools available from Greengate's includes hammers, saws, pliers, hex keys, wrenches, angle finders, trowels, knives, glass cutters, scrapers, screwdrivers, bradawls, tape measures and much more besides. Find them all on the Greengate's website.

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