Cold-Weather Solutions: How to Beat the Freezin' Season!

Regular readers of the Greengates Builders Merchant blog (if you're not one of these then we recommend subscribing to our regular newsletter!) will remember a recent article which detailed some of the products in our collection that are designed to protect the wearer from wet weather. The winter weather continues to get worse, so now we move from the pain of the rain to the squeeze of the freeze!  

Buckler BBZ8000 Safety Wellington Boots
Buckler Boots, affectionately known as 'Buckbootz' was established over 25 years ago in 1998. Ten years after being founded, the brand created its signature BBZ6000 safety wellies which very quickly became Europe's #1 product in this competitive sector. 

It was widely supposed that these exceptional wellington boots could never be bettered but Buckbootz has decisively refuted this assumption with the introduction of the new BBZ8000 model, which is now available to purchase from Greengates. 

BBZ8000 wellies incorporate an array of protective features including lightweight nano toecaps, anti-penetration midsoles, 360º reflectivity, integral Achilles support and EN-certified ankle impact protection to name just a few! A full range of sizes from 7 to 12 is available to purchase from our website. 

Rock Salt
Another Greengates product to recently feature in our blog is rock salt, which is widely recognised as being the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to protect walking and driving surfaces from ice and snow. We're not going to rehash the salient facts about this bestselling product here except to say that it is an absolute winter essential! Head on over to our blog article to find out how rock salt works and the types we supply.

Flue Liners & Firebacks
One of the very few advantages of it being horribly cold outside is that it gives you a newfound appreciation for some of life's simpler pleasures that are often taken for granted — a cosy jumper, a cup of tea and a nice pair of slippers, to name just a few. All three of these things are made even nicer when they are combined with the heating inside your own home.

Whatever source you use to create this heat, it is something that definitely CAN'T be taken for granted. It's absolutely essential that the structures supporting the system, such as firebacks and flue liners, are kept in good condition. If they're not then the best you can hope for is that the system's efficiency will not be at its full potential; in the worst case scenario, you could be compromising the safety of not only your property but also your own health and that of those who live with you. Check out the dedicated section of our website to discover our superlative selection of these vital elements. 

These are just some of the many Greengates products that will help you cheat, beat and completely defeat whatever weather this winter brings. Check out our website to discover more. Stay safe!

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