Decorative Aggregates: Slate is Great!

It has been a long winter, with several named storms wreaking havoc all across the UK. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Yes, spring is almost here again and that means it's time to get your garden back to looking brilliant.

Stones decorative aggregates-

As your local builder's merchant, Greengates can supply all of the tools and materials you need to do just that. Our product portfolio is comprehensive, with every item made available to our customers at the most competitive price point with absolutely no compromise on quality.

Among our superb selection of landscaping products, Greengates is proud to supply a wide array of decorative aggregates. Among this selection, slate chippings are consistently popular because they offer a host of advantages, some of which we will be showcasing in this edition of our blog.

Advantages of Slate Chippings

  • Durability. Though slate is a finely-grained metamorphic rock, the fact is that it is extremely strong and durable. Constant exposure to the elements has almost no noticeable effect on these qualities, making slate chippings an exceptionally cost-effective investment.
  • Versatility. There are countless uses for slate chippings in landscaping projects, which is one of the reasons that the decorative aggregate is so consistently popular. They can be used to create an infinite variety of paths and driveways and are also especially suitable as an edging material around planting areas and water features such as ponds and fountains. 
  • Low Maintenance. Once slate chippings have been laid, they require very little maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition. 
  • Aesthetics. As a completely natural material, each piece of slate is unique. The beautiful textures and rich colours of slate chippings become even more pronounced when the material is wet from the rain. Greengates offer slate chippings in Blue, Plum and Green colour options.
  • Speed and Simplicity. Laying slate chippings is a rapid and easy process that can be achieved even by DIYers with little experience. This means less time spent working and more time spent enjoying the results!
  • Soil Conditioning. Slate chippings help to keep the soil below at a cool, consistent temperature and also aid with moisture retention. This makes the material great for gardeners, giving plants the best chance of thriving when the weather gets hotter. 

Slate chippings are supplied by Greengates in standard 25kg bags or bulk bags containing approximately one tonne. Check out our website to discover our complete range of decorative aggregates, which includes bark, moonstone, cobbles, granite, pebbles, spar, sand and gravel.

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