Decorative Aggregates: Uses and Benefits

Last week's edition of the Greengate's blog introduced our eclectic range of decorative aggregates. This week, we look at some of the many benefits and ways to use these versatile materials.

Decorative Aggregates

  • Improved Drainage. Water can migrate freely through decorative aggregates to the porous ground beneath. This improves drainage and reduces your garden's vulnerability to flooding.
  • Low Maintenance. Once properly in place, aggregate-covered surfaces require little maintenance to keep them in tip-top condition.
  • Pond Landscaping. Fulfilling the dual role of adding aesthetic value and supporting local wildlife, a pond can totally transform a garden. Decorative aggregates help to both define and soften the edges and can also be used underwater providing they are first thoroughly washed to protect aquatic life. Add larger cobbles or pebbles to create dramatic structure.
  • Driveway Resurfacing. An economical surfacing option even for large areas, decorative aggregates can give a driveway a new lease of life. As well as looking fantastic, the aggregates create an extremely-agreeable crunching sound when driven over. The material should be laid on a firm hardcore base and suitably edged.
  • Creating a Garden Path. Most decorative aggregates are suitable for creating pathways, though it should be noted that laying on an appropriate sub-base is essential.
  • Weed Control. When used in conjunction with a landscaping fabric like Weed Check Ultra (also available from Greengate's), decorative aggregates can be used to help control weed growth. A simple X-shaped cut in the fabric will allow plants to thrive.
  • Filling Gaps. Any gaps, such as those around a patio's edges' can quickly and easily be filled with decorative aggregates, giving a tidy and professional-looking finish.

Greengate's, your local builders merchant, supply an exciting and versatile collection of decorative aggregates. Browse our website to discover the full range of options.

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