Defeat Damp with Enviroseal Water Repellent!

Penetrating damp is one of the most common forms of dampness, and occurs when moisture from an outside source breaches a property. The source is most commonly rainwater, which can soak into a property through defective flashings, missing roof tiles, leaky gutters and unsound door or window joints. It can also occur when excessive, driving rain causes masonry to absorb an amount of water that exceeds its saturation limit.

Masonry affected by penetrating damp will become moist, which first leads to discolouration and damage of decorated surfaces. Left unchecked, the problem will become worse and could result in serious structural damage. 

The first step is to identify the source of incoming water and take steps to repair the underlying issue. Then, the affected surfaces can be easily and strongly protected with the application of Enviroseal, which is available to purchase from Greengates at the most competitive price

Enviroseal is a water repellent formula that contains silicone emulsion. It has been designed for above-ground application to a wide variety of construction substrates, including stonework, roughcast, cast concrete, unglazed tiles, mineral/cement boards, asbestos, timber, cement renderings and porous brickwork. 

Once applied, the formula penetrates deeply into the minuscule capillaries of the substrate, lining them with robust silicone resin. This allows the masonry to repel water and ensures that it cannot become trapped within the structure. Vapour-permeable, Enviroseal allows the masonry to 'breathe' while shedding surface contamination and water-borne dirt. 

Enviroseal is water-based and so can be applied successfully to damp surfaces. The low-odour formula is completely clear and, in the vast majority of cases, will not alter the appearance of treated surfaces. Full effectiveness is achieved immediately after drying, a process which takes just three hours. Once fully dried, surfaces treated with Enviroseal can be easily over-coated with paint.

The formula can be quickly applied with either a roller, brush or low-pressure spray. Depending on factors such as exposure conditions and type of surface treated, two coats of Enviroseal masonry water repellent can be effective for a minimum of ten years after application. 

Greengates, your local builder's merchant, can supply Enviroseal in convenient pack sizes of five litres or, for increased cost-effectiveness, in bulk packs of 25 litres. For more information about Enviroseal, along with our comprehensive array of other damp solutions, please browse our website.

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