Discover the Beauty of Natural India Stone

Greengates, your local builder's merchant, is a proud supplier of natural India stone. This remarkable material is incredibly versatile and can be used with equal success for a wide range of different projects from landscape gardening to helping create a new property feature such as a conservatory or kitchen. Just as with every product in the vast Greengates portfolio, our natural India stone is guaranteed to be of superlative quality and brought to you at the most competitive price around.

The first thing to note is that all-natural India stone paving products have been sourced in an ethical, sustainable and responsible manner. The products are fully traceable, with every stage of production is closely monitored to ensure that the producers have been given a fair deal. After being cut by hand, the stone has been transported carefully from India to the UK.

Natural India stone is, as previously mentions, perfect for any number of different projects where beautiful and durable paving is required, whether that is in the external or internal environment. As a natural product, each piece has a unique yet entirely complementary texture and colour tone, allowing you to achieve harmonious, aesthetically-pleasing results. Whether your design is modern, traditional or a mixture, natural India stone will deliver an elegant, classy and charming look.

The climates of India and the UK are obviously very different but natural India stone is in fact perfectly suited to British weather. It is strong and hard-wearing and is especially resistant to the damage that can be caused by frost and low temperatures. Over time, the stone will take on a timeless, mellowed appearance in response to weathering.

Natural India stone is available from Greengates in a wide range of sizes, each of which are calibrated to 22mm in thickness. In addition to standard square and rectangular slabs, we can also supply octagonal and circular pieces in selected colours; these pieces come complete with a squaring-off kit.

Four colour options are available for standard slabs: Modak, Bhundi Yellow, Autumn Brown and Raj Green. After laying and once the sand and cement joints have dried, it is crucial to seal the stone to retain its beautiful natural colour.

For more details about natural India stone from Greengates, your local builder's merchant, please browse our website. If you need any further information or expert technical advice, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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