Don't Hesitate: Insulate!

Storm Barra is blasting its way into the UK, just days after Storm Arwen brought misery to thousands with gale-force winds, freezing temperatures and heavy rain and snow. With weather forecasters predicting much worse to come as we battle through another winter, it's never been more important to make sure that all properties are well insulated to deal with the onslaught.

Here at Greengates, your local builder's merchant, we have got plentiful supplies of all different kinds of insulation materials in stock and ready for immediate delivery. The range includes fibreglass, polystyrene, multifoil, insulated DPC, cavity closures and pipe insulation, along with foil tape for fixing. Also available are Quinn Therm rigid insulation boards and Micafil vermiculite fill insulation, both of which we will be looking at in more detail in this edition of Greengates blog.

Quinn Therm Rigid Insulation Boards

Designed to deliver exceptional performance, rigid insulation boards from leading brand Quinn Therm are completely fibre free. The boards are suitable for all types of domestic and commercial applications in both new-build and refurbishment projects. Rigidly conforming to the exacting BS 476-7: Class 1 and BS EN 13501-1: Euroclass E standards, the boards allow design U-value to be easily achieved.

The Thermoset cores of Quinn Therm rigid insulation boards consist of poly­iso­cy­anurate foam, which incorporates gas-filled cells to deliver excellent thermal performance and enhanced strength. Each board is faced on both sides with composite foil that displays ultra-low emissivity. The boards boast a superb compressive strength, allowing them to withstand imposed loads that are transmitted through floors.

Four standard thicknesses are available. We can also supply other thicknesses along with phenolic grade boards on request. Get in touch with our team for more details.

Micafil Vermiculite Fill Insulation

To create Micafil, the naturally-occurring mineral vermiculite is subject to a high-temperature process that results in highly-aerated particles. These can be poured directly and freely from the bag, flowing over and into any areas vulnerable to heat loss.

Micafil is completely non-combustible, extremely lightweight and non-toxic. It is superlatively versatile and can provide both thermal and acoustic protection between floors, in lofts and interior cavity walls. Mixed with cement, Micafil produces light concrete that can be used to insulate floor and roof screeds and in areas such as around pipework, behind back boilers and between chimney linings and flues.

Discover our complete range of insulation products on the Greengates website.

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