Don't Let Clutter Make Your Gutter Splutter!

Don't Let Clutter Make Your Gutter Splutter!

It will soon be autumn and the battle against clogged gutters will begin again, necessitating the crucial task of debris-clearing: failing to carry out this task, tedious and time-consuming as it is, could result in all kinds of damage to your property from flooding to damaged masonry and a lot more besides. If only there were a simple solution...

You know what we're going to say now – there IS a solution and it is available to purchase from Greengates, your local builders merchant. Not only is it consistently reliable, it is also easy to install, lasts for years and is maintenance-free. And because it is Greengates that is supplying it to you, it of course comes with an extremely competitive price tag. 

Please allow us to introduce to you the Porcupipe™ Bristle Protector System, which has been quite rightly described as the 'ultimate solution' when it comes to keeping gutters free of debris so that they are able to continually do their job of moving rainwater away from where it can do any damage to your property. The Porcupipe™ Bristle Protector System seamlessly combines innovative design, unparalleled effectiveness and meticulous craftsmanship: three out of three ain't bad!

The Porcupipe™ isn't a generic gutter cover: these products simply sit on top of the gutter and at best provide mediocre protection. On the contrary, the Porcupipe™ is in fact a truly groundbreaking system, designed to ENSURE that gutters remain unobstructed. Eight of the most common types of debris that can cause gutter blockages are:

  1. Leaves
  2. Birds' nests
  3. Rodents' nests
  4. Twigs
  5. Dirt & dust
  6. Asphalt-shingle granules
  7. Windblown litter
  8. Ice dams

There are many other things that can accumulate but the Porcupipe™ stops them all. The product centres a super-strong yet flexible central which, manufactured using premium-quality stainless steel, is impervious to corrosion damage. Fastened securely onto this core is a continuous spiral of polypropylene filaments: imagine a bottle-brush designed for a giant and you'll start to get the picture!

To install the Porcupipe™, you simply lay it into the gutter and tuck the upper filaments snugly under the roofing tiles to anchor it in place. That really is all there is to it! The base and side filaments line the gutter, preventing debris while allowing water to flow unimpeded.

The innate flexibility of the Porcupipe™ Bristle Protector System allows it to installed in this way into any gutter, regardless of its size or shape. Once in place, the Porcupipe™ cannot be seen and so your property's aesthetic is unaffected, unlike with the aforementioned gutter covers. 

As part of our comprehensive collection of drainage and plumbing products, Greengates Builders Merchants supplies Porcupipe™ in lengths of two metres; these are currently priced at just £9.32 each, fully inclusive of VAT. Find out more on our website and please get in touch with our skilled technical team if you need any further information or advice.

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