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Foam Pipe Insulation: Our Step-by-Step Guide

It is a well-known fact that the water in uninsulated pipes can often freeze during the winter, resulting in serious damage to the pipe and the very real possibility of leaking or even flooding inside the affected property. Pipes without insulation are also prone to heat loss, increasing energy usage and related financial and envi­ron­mental costs.

Installing pipe insulation is easy, takes hardly any time at all and requires a relatively small initial outlay. This means that insulating the pipes in your property is an investment that is well worthwhile. Greengate's supply foam pipe insulation of professional quality at our signature competitive price: here is our quick guide on how to install it for optimum results.

  1. Proper preparation is key, as it is with any construction project. First of all the pipe should be thoroughly cleaned, ensuring that there is no dust or debris left behind. After applying cleaner, use a cloth to wipe the full length of the pipe. Wait until the area has completely dried before proceeding.­ 
  2. Measure a manageable section of pipe and use this figure to measure out a corres­ponding length of foam pipe insulation. Check the measurement is correct before cutting using scissors or a knife. Any joints, elbows or other angles can be included in the measurement, as the insulation will slide right over them, bending to fit the shape.
  3. Each length of foam pipe insulation is open along one edge to allow it to be pressed into place around the pipe. Make sure that no portion of the pipe remains uncovered or the performance of the insulation will be negatively affected.
  4. Using high quality duct tape (also available on the Greengate's website), seal the open ends completely. Repeat the entire process from step 1 for each length of pipe to be insulated.

Greengate's, your local builders merchant, supply foam insulation for standard pipes or those made from alkathene. If you're not sure what type you need, do not hesitate to contact our expert technical team for advice.

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