Focus on Silicone & Sealant

As part of the Greengate's builders merchants portfolio of products, we stock a wide range of silicones and sealants. The professional collection includes:

Sikaflex: Multi-Use Flexible Adhesive Sealant

Sikaflex is a single-component polyurethane adhesive and sealant, designed to offer excellent gap-filling and grab properties when used with almost any common building material. Ideal for use across an extensive range of building and maintenance applications, this innovative formula remains permanently elastic and flexible, boasting a rapid curing rate and strong, lasting resistance to the elements.

Everbuild Path & Patio Sealer

Used to effectively seal and protect paths, patios, natural stone, block and concrete paving, Everbuild Path & Patio Sealer is a solvent-free acrylic formula. Once applied and cured, the product forms an invisible yet highly resistant film which protects the underlying surface from the damaging effects of water, UV radiation, petrol oil and the growth of moss and fungus. As well as providing these practical benefits, Everbuild Path & Patio Sealer also improves the aesthetic appearance of dull, worn masonry.

Heatmate Silicone Sealant

Designed for high temperature applications, high-modulus Heatmate Silicone Sealant is safe to use in environments with temperatures from -50˚C right up to 300˚C. The reactive curing silicone remains permanently flexible once cured, forming a rubber-like seal that is totally weather-tight.

These are just three of the 20+ silicones, sealants and accessories in our range: browse the Greengate's website to discover the full collection.

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