Garden Decking Pays for Itself!

The aesthetic and practical benefits of installing timber decking in your garden are obvious but did you know that the structures can significantly add to the value of your property? A number of studies and research projects have shown that the initial cost of adding decking to your garden could be easily offset by this added value.

An article featured in the Telegraph newspaper revealed that property values could be increased by as much as 20% if they have a well-maintained and attractive garden. Timber decking can completely transform the look of a garden, giving it that attractive appearance that is so crucial in improving kerb appeal to potential buyers.

A detailed study about garden decking and its effect on property value was carried out by Property Price Advice, an independent service. The key takeaway from the study was that the installation of garden decking makes a property much more appealing and can increase its value by at least 10%. Results from the study also showed that at least 70% of the initial material cost could be recouped in terms of enhanced property value.

Another study into the link between home improvement and property value was undertaken by Post Office Money. It found that garden landscaping features like timber decking give the highest increase in property value with the lowest initial financial outlay, as compared to other home improvement projects like adding new kitchens, driveways, extensions or conservatories. Researchers found that spending an average of £2,750 on garden landscaping projects could deliver a massive 77% return on investment.

Commenting on the landmark study, Post Office Money spokesperson Chrysanthy Pispinis said: "With property prices rising and falling, people are looking for different ways to maximise their market value. Making the right changes to your home can increase its market value significantly, with garden landscaping coming out on top for the most value-added".

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