Getting Gardens Ready for Spring

The end of winter is fast approaching and about time too! Spring is waiting impatiently in the wings and will soon arrive, bringing with it the sunshine and higher temperatures that will allow us all to start enjoying our gardens and outdoor spaces once again. Now is the perfect time to start getting these areas into tip-top condition and Greengates Builders Merchant can supply all of the products you need to do so, all of which are made available to our customers at the most competitive price point.

Sika Water Repel
Though springtime weather is infinitely preferable to that of the winter, the season does bring with it inevitable rain showers. Greengates is a proud supplier of a range of products from Sika, which has grown to become a globally-renowned brand since it was established back in 1910. One of Sika's signature products is Water Repel, which offers reliable protection from the damage that can be caused to many surfaces by water.

Sika Water Repel is a vapour-permeable formula that can be used on a wide range of substrates including concrete, fibre cement, mortar, renders, brick and stone. Applied with a roller, brush or via a spray unit, the formula delivers many benefits, including protection from external salt penetration, resistance to frost and dirt, reduction of stains and prevention of fungi, lichen, algae and moss growth. Supplied by Greengates in five-litre containers and usually requiring only a single coat to be applied, Sika Water Repel is a cost-effective solution to the many kinds of damage that spring showers can cause to outdoor surfaces.

Weed Control
The combination of sunshine and showers provides the ideal conditions for weeds to flourish, not only spoiling the aesthetic appeal of a garden but also inhibiting the growth of other plants. Prevention is, as always, much better than cure and the installation of weed control fabric is the most effective way to stop weeds in their tracks before they can get a hold. Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington offers a comprehensive collection of geotextiles that will ensure your garden stays free of unsightly weeds.

If weeds have managed to establish themselves before you have had time to install geotextile control fabric then don't despair: we have the solution! Weedol 2 is a formula that contains diquat, a chemical that since its synthesis back in 1961 remains the world's premier weed control method to this day. The product is supplied in pre-measured sachets (six per pack) which, when diluted with water, produce sufficient formula to treat as much as 30 square metres of weed-infested ground. 

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