How a Pond Could Transform Your Garden...

As its's summer (finally!), recent editions of the Greengates blog have been focusing on the garden: last week we introduced our new line of Chestershed felt roofing and the week before we looked at all sorts of useful gardening-related items from knee pads to wheelbarrows! The sun is still shining and so we're sticking with the garden theme and revealing the many ways in which installing a pond could benefit you and your family along with your property and the environment that surrounds it.

Let's start with the profound effect that being near water has on the human brain. It has long been known to science that being outdoors in natural green spaces has a calming, stress-reducing effect but recent research from a number of sources is revealing that spending time near water can be just as beneficial. 

A European research group led by scientists from the University of Exeter and called 'The Blue Health Initiative' has carried out several studies into the phenomenon. Wallace J. Nichols PhD, a marine biologist and one of the projects senior scientists concluded simply: "Green space is good but add a pond, a fountain or a lake and it's even better". Nichols has authored a book on the subject entitled 'Blue Mind', in which he reveals that: "Water is naturally calming and is also a source of creativity and inspiration". 

Installing a pond is also a fantastic way to boost the biodiversity of your garden as it will be an attractive piece of real estate for all kinds of wildlife; indeed, a pond represents an entire ecosystem in miniature. You'll be providing a safe haven for all kinds of insects and invertebrates which in turn will attract larger creatures including frogs, toads, newts, birds and hedgehogs.

When it comes to your property as a whole, a carefully-planned pond will become a beautiful focal point, transforming the aesthetic of your garden. As well as providing an attractive appearance for those who enjoy spending time in your garden, the water feature can even add financial value to your home if you decide to sell in future. 

The process of installing a pond can be as simple or as complex as you have the time, skills and imagination to make it. Once the area is dug out, you can opt to use specialist pond liners or instead take the easier route of buying and fitting a ready-made pond made from fibreglass or plastic. It's really up to you. Whatever you choose, Greengates Builders Merchant can supply you with many of the key tools and materials you'll need to achieve professional results. These include:

You can find all of these items and more on our website so please feel free to browse. If you do install a pond in your garden then we would love to see it so please email us photographs and, with your permission, we'll feature them in an upcoming edition of our regular blog and newsletter!

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