How to Lay a Decorative Paved Patio

Laying a patio brings many benefits. From enhancing the aesthetic value of your property, to providing a practical, versatile and infinitely-usable area for relaxing and entertaining. In this edition of the Greengate's blog, we're going to show you our easy step-by-step guide to laying a paved patio area.

  1. First, choose your paving slabs from the extensive collection at Greengates, your local builders' merchant. A wide variety of colours and textures are available to perfectly suit your chosen aesthetic. 
  2. Measure out the area and dig to a depth of around 15cm across all of it. Make sure that the soil is evenly compacted.
  3. In the area you dug, tip in sub base aggregate. Rake the aggregate to a consistent depth of about 10cm, ensuring that it is flat, smooth and firm.
  4. Install a layer of Weed Check Ultra according to the manufacturer's instructions. This will help to prevent weeds growing through your finished patio.
  5. Prepare a concrete mix using three parts sand to one part cement. Add water gradually to create a dough-like consistency. If you're not sure if the concrete mix is thick enough, take a small piece and shape it into a ball with your hands. When the ball is released, it should retain its shape without falling apart or oozing water. Use the mix to create an even layer in the patio bed of around 4cm.
  6. Dampen your patio slabs to make sure the concrete doesn't dry out. Lower the first slab carefully into position and tap with a rubber mallet to fix it in place. Repeat the process, leaving gaps of around 1-1.5cm between each slab. When finished, spray the whole area with water and leave to set for a minimum of 24 hours.
  7. Using a trowel, fill the gaps between slabs with Everbuild Geo-Fix All Weather Jointing Compound. Be careful not to leave residue on the surface of the slabs.
  8. Seal the area with Everbuild Path and Patio Sealer.
  9. If desired, dig a shallow gutter around the perimeter of your new patio and fill with your choice of our decorative aggregates.

That's it, you're finished! Find everything you need on our website and start this rewarding project today.

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