How to Maintain Timber Decking

A well-built decking structure can last for many years, providing both practical and aesthetic value to your home. It is important to keep timber decking clean and, in this edition of the Greengate's blog, we'll give you some top tips to help with maintenance.

You should sweep your deck regularly using a stiff wire brush. Remove any furniture before you begin to ensure that you don't miss anywhere! Sweep away any leaves, dust and debris that may have accumulated.

You can use a pressure washer occasionally to keep your timber decking looking as good as new. Make sure to test the pressure washing machine first on an inconspicuous area as some are so strong that they can damage the decking. Choose a wide nozzle attachment as this will make sure that the water pressure is more evenly distributed.

To start with, you should hold the pressure washer at a distance of around half a metre from the deck surface. Holding the nozzle at an angle and following the grain of the timber, move in sweeping motions starting at one end of the deck. Keep the nozzle in constant motion to ease pressure impact. If required, you can move the nozzle closer to the surface of the deck but be sure not to move closer than 15cm.

Mould is a common issue with timber decking. If there is any presence of mould, you should NOT use a pressure washer until it is treated and removed: using a pressure washer on decking that has mould can spread the spores, making the problem worse. We recommend using Sika Mould Buster (available from the Greengate's website) for a reliable solution to the problem of mould on decking.&

Also effective at treating algae and moss, Sika Mould Buster is a fully biodegradable formula made without any harmful acids or bleach. It is quick and easy to apply and helps to prevent regrowth for many months after application. Sika Mould Buster negates the need for any scrubbing or pressure washing of timber decking and can be used with equal effectiveness on a range of other surfaces including driveways, paths, patios and roofs.

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