How to Restore Tarmac

In the domestic, municipal, industrial and commercial sectors, a tarmac is a popular option for a range of surfacing applications. Though exceptionally durable and with an attractive aesthetic, the qualities of tarmac can diminish over time.

Greengates, your local builder's merchant, is a proud supplier of Tarmac Restorer, a formula crafted by leading brand Everbuild that is a fast, easy and cost-effective way to bring tarmac surfaces back to their former glory. Like with every product we supply, you're guaranteed to enjoy top quality at a super-competitive price when you purchase from Greengates.

The first sign that tarmac is starting to deteriorate is a fading of its colour, which is usually black. This also indicates that the material's physical qualities are also waning. Applying Everbuild Tarmac Restorer reinforces the surface as well as restores its original strong colour.

Everbuild Tarmac Restorer has been specially engineered to make old tarmac look and perform like new, delivering a robust and durable finish with a low sheen. Applying the formula is rapid and easy and, once dried, Everbuild Tarmac Restorer will protect the surface from further weathering and damage from petrol and oil spills. In addition, the formula protects surfaces from the growth of weeds.

Not only is the product quick to apply, but it also dries in an extremely rapid time. In only four hours after application, surfaces treated with Everbuild Tarmac Restorer, be they driveways, paths, roads or patios, can safely be used once again.

In some cases, the tarmac can become so badly damaged that there is no option but to replace it. Greengates, your local builder's merchant, has got you covered. Coldplay Handimac Tarmac is supplied ready to use directly from the bag, offering a time-saving, cost-effective repair solution for roads, paths, driveways and other tarmac surfaces. Each bag contains approximately 25kg of tarmac and is brought to you at our signature low price.

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