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Insulation: Three Reasons YOU Need to Insulate your Property

With the weather getting colder by the day and much worse predicted over the coming months, there's never been a better time to think about the thermal performance of homes and workplaces. There are lots of reasons to add or upgrade insulation and here are just three of them...

Energy Saving. Uninsulated roofs and walls can together account for up to 60% of the heat loss from a building as heat flows naturally from warmer to cooler spaces. Insulation reduces the speed and volume of this flow, reducing the amount of energy used and therefore having less negative impact on the environment. The reduction in energy usage also results in cost savings: it is estimated by the Energy Saving Trust that a typical semi-detached house with three bedrooms can save more than £300 a year in energy bills simply by installing adequate insulation.

Improved Comfort. As well as keeping the inside of a building warm during cold weather, insulation also has the reverse effect of keeping interiors cool during the summer months. This means that installing proper insulation will ensure that the ambient indoor temperature will always be at a stable, comfortable level.

Reduced Condensation. Condensation, which happens when warm air meets cold surfaces such as windows or walls, is the leading cause of structural damp within properties. Good insulation reduces the difference in temperature between internal and external surfaces, lowering the incidence of condensation and thus reducing the risk of issues with structural damp.

A comprehensive collection of insulation materials and ancillaries is available as part of the extensive Greengate's product portfolio. The range includes fibreglass, rigid, polystyrene, multifoil and fill insulation: discover more options on our website and get in touch with our expert technical team if you need help choosing the right material for the job.

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