Introducing ResiDual Jointing Compound

When you are creating a paved installation such as a path, patio or terrace, the quality of the joint compound you use is just as important as that of the flags themselves. Greengates Builders Merchant is a proud supplier of ResiDual, a reliable jointing compound kit designed and engineered by the highly renowned company Resiply. 

Developed and manufactured right here in the UK, ResiDual has been repeatedly proven to provide a durable, high strength solution that will provide many years of low maintenance service. The unique formula is designed to be self levelling and self compacting, making it easy to achieve a smooth, level and wholly professional finish. Providing excellent resistance to both the pooling of water and the growth of damaging, unsightly weeds, ResiDual is made available to Greengates customers at the most competitive price point.

How to use Residual Jointing Compound  

  • It is important that the product is used in dry conditions and when there is no rain forecast.
  • Do not use ResiDual if the ambient temperature is below 5°C as this will seriously impact curing. If the temperature is between 5°C and 8°C, you will need to use warm water to create the jointing mixture. Both the resin and sand components should be warmed before mixing commences.
  • 20kg and 25kg packs are available to purchase. The 20kg packs come with a mixing bucket but if you purchase a25kg pack you will need your own. 
  • Pour the liquid components (part A and part B) into the bucket and use a paddle whisk to thoroughly mix them together.
  • Fill the empty resin bottle three quarters full of clean water and add this to the mixture. Then, mix again thoroughly with the paddle whisk.
  • Now it is time to add the sand component. Open the bag and empty its contents into the water and resin mixture. 
  • Continue mixing, this time using circular and up-and-down motions until the final mixture is smooth and cohesive. 
  • After cleaning the area to be pointed, dampen the surface. Then empty the mixture onto the area.
  • Spread the compound across the whole surface area using a stiff nylon brush.
  • Brush any remaining particles of sand off the finished surface. 
  • If you wish to use a sheet to cover the treated area while it cures, ensure that a constant flow of air is maintained beneath it. 
  • Do not walk on the surface until it has fully cured. This usually takes around 24 hours in reasonably warm conditions but can take longer if used in colder weather.    

ResiDual jointing compound is available to purchase in any of four distinctive colour options: Grey, Buff, Dove Grey or Absolute Black. For more details about the product, please browse our website or get in touch with our expert technical team.

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