Job of the Month: Prepare for Snow & Ice

Job of the Month: Prepare for Snow & Ice

Welcome to the first in a brand-new series of blog articles from Greengates builders merchants. Each month, we will be suggesting a crucial job that needs to be done to your property, as well as providing details of the best products we supply that will help you achieve professional results every time. 

Our first 'Job of the Month' article is all about preparing for the inevitable arrival of snow and ice, which is predicted by weather forecasting experts to begin earlier than usual this year. As well as causing inconvenience and disruption that you could well do without, snow and ice can also be extremely dangerous, making surfaces slippery and causing falls. 

Let's look at some products that can help prevent such issues, all of which are available to purchase at the most competitive and cost-effective price from Greengates builders merchant Accrington. 

Rock Salt
Suitable for use on pavements, paths, patios and indeed any other walking surface, rock salt works by mixing with moisture on the ground to create a brine solution. As salty water has a much lower freezing point than ordinary water, the ice and frost underfoot melts away, leaving a safer surface to walk on. 

At Greengates, we supply rock salt in medium-sized bags or, for extra cost-effectiveness when large areas need to be treated, in bulk bags. Standard brown rock salt is available and we also supply white rock salt when aesthetics are of concern, for instance on paths which enter directly into a property. 

CarPlan Blue Star De-Icer
One of the bestselling products of its type in the UK, CarPlan Blue Star De-Icer is primarily designed for use on car windscreens though can be safely used on other types of window as well. The specialist formula works quickly and so is perfect for those wintry mornings when you're already late for work! 

Upon application, the formula quickly defrosts the window and melts the ice, as well as preventing any instances of re-freezing down to a super-chilly -15°C. The window is left with a clear finish, enhancing the visibility that is so important during the winter, when light levels are at their lowest.  

Spear and Jackson Telescopic Snow Shovel
A reliable solution for quickly removing buildups of snow from driveways and paths, the telescopic snow shovel from leading brand Spear and Jackson is a winter essential. Featuring large plastic hilts that can be easily held and maneuvered even when wearing thick gloves, the shovel has aluminium handles that combine robust strength with a light weight. The shovel extends to a maximum length of 122cm though its closed length of just 91cm makes it ideal for transportation in a standard car boot. 
Check out the individual product pages on our website for more details about these essential winter items!

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