Job of the Month: Protect Masonry with Enviroseal

As August draws to a close and summer begins to give way to autumn, it is an ideal time to prepare for a change in the weather. For this edition of our popular 'Job of the Month' blog series, we showcase Enviroseal, an extremely effective water repellent formula from leading brand Wykamol. 

Wykamol was established in 1934 when its founder introduced an innovative chemical treatment designed to eradicate woodworm. Since that time, the brand has grown to become the undisputed market leader in the property repair and renovation sector. Wykamol supplies products to users all over the world from Australia to Africa and Greengates Builders Merchant proudly stocks a superb selection of products from the leading brand.

Enviroseal is one of Wykamol's signature products and its consistent popularity is testament to its unmatched effectiveness and reliability. The liquid-based water repellent, which contains powerful silicone emulsion, is suitable for application to a wide range of masonry substrates, including stone, cement, concrete and brick, as well as other materials like leather, timber, canvas and asbestos.  

Colourless and clear, Enviroseal does not alter the appearance of the substrate it is applied to. The surface remains vapour-permeable to prevent moisture from becoming trapped within the fabric of the structure and can be over-coated with decorative paint when the application has cured. In addition to protecting masonry from damp, Enviroseal also acts to improve the structure's overall insulation.  

How to Apply Wykamol Enviroseal

  • Prepare the substrate by treating with a suitable biocide to ensure that no dormant fungi or other organic contaminants are present.
  • If there are any structural defects, these must be repaired and made good before applying Enviroseal. 
  • Enviroseal can be applied to damp substrates but if the substrate is saturated then it should be allowed to dry out first.
  • Make sure that any nearby surfaces are protected from splashing, especially windows, window frames and decorative coatings. Wear appropriate protective clothing during application. 
  • Use a brush, roller or low-pressure spray unit to apply one liberal coat of Enviroseal. A second coat should then be applied after the first coat has dried, which should take around two hours.
  • After one week has elapsed, the substrate may be decorated using masonry paint. 

Wykamol Enviroseal is available to purchase from Greengates Builders Merchant Accrington in 5-litre or 25-litre containers. For more details about Enviroseal, along with a full list of the other Wykamol products we supply, please browse our website. As always, our expert technical team can be contacted directly if you need any further information or advice.

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