Job of the Month: Treat Fences & Sheds

With spring just around the corner, it's time to start focusing on getting gardens looking great again after the long, cold and very wet winter. This month, our suggested job involves treating outdoor timber like fences and sheds; for this, we highly recommend Woodworks Shed & Fence Treatment, a product designed and manufactured by leading brand Johnstone's Trade.

Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Shed & Fence Treatment is designed for use on all types of above-ground timber including planed and rough-sawn. The specialist formula is enriched with premium wax, imbuing it with excellent water-repellent qualities and also enabling it to offer strong resistance to fading and damage caused by ultra-violet rays from the sun. Offering exceptional coverage rates, the product is extremely cost-effective, especially when purchased from Greengates Builders Merchant at our signature low prices. 

How to Apply Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Shed & Fence Treatment

  • Start by ensuring that all areas to be treated are clean and dry, as well as being free from any surface coating like polish, varnish or paint. Timber that is affected by moss, lichen, algae or mould should first be treated with an appropriate fungicide: we recommend Sika Mould Buster, which is also available to purchase from Greengates. 
  • Before using Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Shed & Fence Treatment, stir the mixture thoroughly.
  • Wear protective gloves throughout the application process. It is also important to ensure good ventilation. 
  • Apply the product liberally using a suitable brush: a comprehensive selection of brushes is available to purchase from the Greengates website. Pay particular attention to end grains. 
  • A single coat will usually be sufficient but timber that is especially porous or weathered may require two coats; the second coat should be applied after a minimum of four hours has elapsed. Average coverage rates are 6m² on rough-sawn timber and 12m² on planed timber.

Once the formula has dried, it will leave behind a matt finish with an attractive colour that will be retained for as long as three years. The treated timber will have strong water-repellent properties as well as providing a delightful visual aesthetic.

Johnstone's Trade Woodworks Shed & Fence Treatment is supplied in containers of five or nine litres. A superb selection of colour options is available including Light Brown, Dark Chestnut, Dark Oak, Green, Acorn Gold, Rustic Red, Grey and Ebony. Check out the Greengates website for more details!  

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