K-Rend at Greengates: Premium Products at Unbeatable Prices!

Since the company was established almost 30 years ago, K-Rend now occupies prime position in the competitive field of rendering products, continuing to innovate and thus cementing its impressive reputation. The first choice of thousands of professionals, K-Rend is a brand that offers consistency and reliability across the board and Greengates Builders Merchant is a proud supplier of its exceptional products.

As customers of Greengates will already know, we choose to stock only the very best building products that have been thoroughly and rigorously tested to the highest professional standard. K-Rend products are no exception, with the majority of them boasting 30-year accreditation by the BBA and NSAI. In this edition of our blog, we showcase two of the leading brand's signature products.

K-Rend Reinforcing Mesh
The level of crack resistance of K-Rend rendering systems is already high but can be given a further boost with the use of this specially-developed mesh. Manufactured using glass fibres that have been carefully woven together to create an intricate mesh fabric, the scrim cloth boasts excellent resistance to attack from alkalies and can be used with a wide variety of mortars, cements, limes, acrylics, stuccos and other surfacing materials. 

Quickly and easily installed, Reinforcing Mesh from K-Rend effectively reduces stress buildup at the key stress-points of a structure. The scrim cloth is designed to accommodate the natural movements of a building while simultaneously improving the impact resistance level of the finished surface, extending its lifespan. Greengates Builders Merchant Accrington supplies this superlative product in cost effective rolls of 50 metres in length. 

K-Rend R7 Acrylic Primer
When it comes to applying a base coat, some surfaces can be more challenging than others. When a substrate, such as brick, displays inefficient suction characteristics or does not offer sufficient key, the solution is to use R7 Acrylic Primer, created by the experts at K-Rend. Comprising of a modified acrylic emulsion formula, R7 is first diluted as required before being applied directly to the difficult surface with a brush or roller. When the R7 has reached the tacky stage after application, base coat can be successfully overlaid.  

As a general rule, the ratio of dilution should be four parts of water to one part of R7. The resulting mixture is sufficient to cover up to 10 square metres of surface though this will depend on the type of substrate and the required level of application. In addition to its primary function as a priming coat, K-Rend R7 can also be used as a scud coat or gauging liquid. 

For more information about the range of K-Rend products available at Greengates, please visit the dedicated page on our website.

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