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From acres of land to the tiniest square of lawn, everyone loves their garden. As well as providing an attractive and multi-functional space to enjoy, a thoughtfully-landscaped garden can dramatically increase the value of your property. Looking after your garden also keeps you fit, both mentally and physically.

To inspire you to get creative with YOUR garden, check out these world-records, all related to gardens and gardening...

World's Largest Hanging Basket

The hanging basket is a familiar sight but not every garden could accommodate the largest in the world! Created to mark the debut opening Hotel Indigo in London, UK, the behemoth basket measures more than 6m x 3.5m, weighs well over 250kg and contains more than 100 types of flower. Even more impressively, the basket hangs at 7.5m above the ground.

World's Largest Flower Garden

With an estimated 45 MILLION flowers blooming happily together in over 70,000 square metres of space, Dubai Miracle Garden in the United Arab Emirates holds this colourful record. The tourist attraction is also home to the world's longest continuous wall of flowers, which has a circumference measuring in excess of a kilometre.

World's Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Garden Gnomes

Another familiar sight in UK gardens, the gnome inspired no less than 478 people to dress up in that iconic costume in Worcester, UK in 2011. The successful world-record attempt helped to raise funds for charity Children in Need. Incidentally, the world's largest garden gnome (built by Canada's Ron Hale in 1998) stood a whopping 7.9m tall... scary!

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