Lockdown DIY: How to Build a Fence

Much of the UK has been battered by storms recently, as the winter weather starts to take hold. The strong winds have caused damage to properties, with fences being particularly hard hit; if this has happened on YOUR property then you're in the right place here at Greengate's, your local builders merchant.

In this edition of our blog, we present a simple step-by-step guide to creating a brand new fence using timber panels and posts. Everything you need is available to purchase from our website and you're guaranteed to receive materials of professional quality at the most competitive price.

  • If your property neighbours any others then the first thing to do is get permission from the other property's owner/s as you're going to have to work on both sides of the intended fence. If there is a fence already in existence, make absolutely certain that it's on your side of the boundary before attempting to remove it. 
  • Prepare the area well by ensuring that there are no plants or debris in the vicinity to obstruct you. 
  • Using woodscrews, attach fence clips to the timber posts; these will hold the panels in place. Both the clips and the screws are available to purchase from the Greengate's website.  
  • Use string to carefully mark out where you want your fence to go. Double check to make sure it is absolutely straight.  
  • It's time to start digging a hole for the first post. This should be around 2ft in depth. If the ground is particularly loose then make the hole a little deeper in order to give proper support to the post. 
  • You now need to use post mix. We recommend Hanson High Performance Post Mix, which you can find on our website. Pour water in the hole approximately one-third to halfway and then insert the post. Next, pour in the post mix at a steady rate, tamping to make sure it mixes thoroughly with the water. Bring the dry powder up to the water's surface.
  • Align the post so that it is straight. Secure it with rubble or brick pieces until the post mix sets; this should take around five minutes. 
  • Mark out the next position, making sure that the space between posts is tight enough so that the panel will stay in place but not too tight so that you cannot insert the panels. Dig out the second post hole and repeat the above two steps. 
  • Insert a concrete base panel. This will prevent the timber panel resting on the ground, which could increase the possibility of it rotting. Insert a timber panel on top.
  • Repeat the entire process along the rest of the boundary. Keep checking to ensure that you follow the straight line and that the posts are properly upright. 

Check out our complete collection of fencing accessories on the Greengate's website. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team if you need any further advice or information.

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