Premium Products to Defeat Damp!

Damp is one of the most common structural issues and can be caused numerous ways from condensation and high groundwater levels to even tiny cracks in masonry that allow moisture to penetrate. Here at Greengates Builders Merchant, we stock a professional collection of products designed to reliably solve the problems that structural damp can lead to. 

Wykamol Renovation Plaster
This versatile plaster is part of the bestselling 'No More Damp' collection of products from Wykamol, a brand that has risen to become a recognised market-leader since it was established back in 1934. The product carries official British Board of Agrément (BBA) approval in recognition of its exceptional quality. 

Especially suitable for use in condensation-prone areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, Wykamol Renovation Plaster is reinforced with fibres which help to reduce the incidence of cracking by controlling shrinkage and enhancing flexural strength. The product also incorporates perlite, which reduces the loss of heat and thus delivers a dramatic improvement in thermal performance. Greengates supplies this premium product in bags containing 20kg, which is sufficient to cover around three square metres of surface. 

Wykamol Mould Eradication Kit
Mould thrives in damp conditions and, as well as being extremely unpleasant from an aesthetic point of view, can have negative impacts on human health. Skin contact with mould can cause irritation, inflammation and rashes while inhaling mould spores can trigger coughing and even asthma attacks. Children and older people are at increased risk, as are people with conditions that weaken the immune system; the health effects of mould can be extremely serious to these vulnerable groups. 

The Mould Eradication Kit from Wykamol consists of a spray containing an industrial-strength formula designed to quickly and decisively kill mould on affected surfaces. Each kit also contains fungicidal additive which can be added to gloss or emulsion paint to prevent any regrowth, along with protective goggles and gloves to keep you safe during the application process.

Johnstone's Speciality Paint to Cover Damp
Specially formulated to prevent the seeping of damp through finished decoration, this high-opacity paint is suitable for use on a wide range of substrates including stone, brick, plaster and cement. Once applied, the product can be easily coated over using your choice of emulsion paint. Greengates Builders Merchant Accrington supplies this specialist damp proof paint in two sizes: 0.75 litres or 2.5 litres

Please browse the Greengates website to discover our complete damp proofing collection, which includes chemicals, slurry, membrane kits, damp course materials and much more.  

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