Preparing for Winter: Two Ways to Insulate your Home

Autumn is here and the mercury is already plummeting, giving us a foretaste of the much lower temperatures we can expect across the UK as winter approaches. As the cost of living crisis continues to deepen and energy prices spiral upwards, many people are starting to get really worried about how they will be able to afford to keep their homes warm in the coming months. 

The need for properties to be well insulated has thus never been greater than it is right now. A properly insulated home will require far less energy to raise it to a comfortable temperature and retain the heat, resulting in lower energy bills at this crucial time. 

Greengates builders merchant Accrington can supply all of the insulation products you need, including pipe insulation, cavity closures, insulated DPC, multifoil, polystyrene, fibreglass and foil fixing tape.

Two of our leading insulation solutions are Micafil vermiculite fill insulation and rigid insulation boards from the leading Quinn Therm brand. Check out this edition of our blog for more details about these reliable products.

Micafil Vermiculite Fill Insulation 
Micafil is made using vermiculite, a naturally-occurring mineral. The vermiculite goes through a high-temperature process to create Micafil, which comprises particles with an extremely high volume of air. These aerated particles are thus able to be poured freely and directly from their bag, flowing into many different types of area that can be vulnerable to thermal losses. 

Micafil displays many beneficial qualities: it is non-toxic, lightweight and completely non-combustible. It has been designed to deliver exceptional versatility and can be used for multiple applications and areas such as interior cavity walls, in lofts and between floors. When the product is mixed with cement, it forms a lightweight concrete that can be used between flues/chimney linings, behind back boilers and around pipework. This mixture can also be used to insulate roof and floor screeds. 

Quinn Therm Rigid Insulation Boards
Crafted to be free of fibres, Quinn Therm rigid insulation boards offer high performance at a low cost. Ideal for both refurbishment and new-build applications in the commercial and domestic sectors, the boards adhere strictly to the S EN 13501-1: Euroclass E and BS 476-7: Class 1 standards, ensuring that they can be used to achieve design U-values.

Quinn Therm rigid insulation boards, which feature cores made using Thermoset technology, are manufactured from poly­iso­cy­anurate foam; this material combines exceptional strength with unmatched thermal performance. On both sides, the boards have a composite foil facing to keep emissivity to a minimum and their high compressive strength enables them to withstand the imposition of loads transmitted through floors. 

These superior insulation boards are available in four thicknesses: 25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. If required, other thicknesses along with special phenolic grades can be supplied by Greengates builders merchant so do not hesitate to get in touch.  
Please browse the Greengates website for details of our complete collection of insulation products

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