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Protect Masonry with Sika Water Repel

They say that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain but here in the UK it falls EVERYWHERE! This can, over time, cause or exacerbate damage to masonry surfaces. In this edition of the Greengates blog, we are going to showcase Water Repel, which is a silicone water repellent designed by industry-leading brand Sika.

The Sika brand was established more than 110 years ago by Swiss entrepreneur Kaspar Winkler, who invented Sika-1, a waterproofing admixture. Sika-1 was successfully used to waterproof the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland, which allowed engineers working for the Swiss Railway Company to electrify the vital rail connection between the south and north of Europe.

Today, Sika is recognised as one of the leading chemical companies in the world, with in excess of 300 factories and production facilities across the globe. The brand produces an extensive array of products that are distributed via a trusted network of suppliers like Greengates local builder's merchant.

Sika Water Repel, one of the brand's signature products, is designed to provide masonry with the best protection from damage caused by water. Exceptionally versatile, it can be used to protect all kinds of substrates including concrete, cast/natural stone, renders, cement, mortars and brickwork.

Supplied ready to use and applied with a brush, spray unit or roller, Sika Water Repel improves resistance to dirt, reduces the incidence of staining and prevents the growth of mould, fungi and lichens. The formula is fully vapoured permeable and helps the substrate to resist frost damage and the external penetration of salts. The original appearance of the surface is maintained throughout.

Before Sika Water Repel is applied, it is crucial to ensure that the surface is dry, clean and free of contaminants like moss, mould, weeds, paint and oils. Poor mortar joints and/or large cracks need to be made good but small hairline cracks will not have any negative effect on performance.

Greengates, your local builder's merchants, supply Sika Water Repel in convenient 5L containers or cost-effective 25L bulk packs. A single coat of the formula is sufficient for most applications but highly-absorbent surfaces may require a second coat. Each coat will, dependent on ambient conditions, take between 6-24 hours to fully dry.

Water Repel is just one of the many Sika products proudly supplied at Greengates. Please check out our website to discover the entire collection.

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