Rock Salt for Safer Surfaces this Winter

Batten down the hatches! Brits have been warned to brace themselves for freezing winds, plummeting temperatures and heavy snowfall as November draws to a close. From November 22nd, winter is set to truly take hold of the UK.

The sharp change in the weather will come as a freezing plume sweeps down from the Arctic and engulfs the UK, according to the latest predictions from weather forecasters. Exacerbated by wind chill, much of the country is set to experience average temperatures of a chilly -8°C, with temperatures in some areas of Scotland expected to drop as low as -10°C.

The Met Office has warned that all areas of the UK should be prepared for heavy snowfall, particularly in the North. Leeds, Carlisle and surrounding areas are expected to be the worst hit, with up to six inches (15cm) of snow predicted to fall in these regions. The problems this causes will be further aggravated by strong wind gusts at a speed of up to 42mph (67kph). Pedestrians and road users are warned to be extremely careful of icy surfaces.

Ice, frost and snow on walking and driving surfaces are dangerous and are responsible for thousands of accidents and injuries every year. A highly-effective way to minimise this danger is by the application of rock salt, commonly known as 'grit'.

Rock salt works by mixing with moisture to form a brine solution. This has a much lower freezing point than plain water and so acts to quickly melt snow, ice and frost, making affected surfaces much safer to use. As well as being used after snow and ice have formed, rock salt can also be applied before expected bad weather, acting as a reliable preventative measure. The product is completely natural and non-toxic; any residual salt will be gradually diluted and thus disposed of safely.

Researchers at Wisconsin's Marquette University carried out a detailed study into the efficacy of rock salt and found that the overall risk of car accidents when driving on roads treated using this method was reduced by as much as 88%.

Here at Greengate's, your local builder's merchant, we have got plentiful stocks of rock salt ready for immediate delivery. In addition to standard rock salt for industrial and municipal usage, we also supply white salt to the domestic and commercial sectors. White salt reduces any staining of indoor floors and so is perfect for use on paths that lead into public buildings as well as the paths, patios and driveways of private properties.

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