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Stepping Stones: Step-by-Step!

Originally used for the purely practical purpose of crossing water, stepping stones have become a feature of landscape gardening that provides an aesthetically-pleasing alternative to a path. In this edition of the Greengate's blog, we'll show you how to use our stepping stones in your garden.

Greengate's, your local builders merchant, offers an eclectic collection of high-quality stepping stones made from either timber or masonry, allowing you to get the right look for your garden. Like every product we supply, these stepping stones are guaranteed to be of the highest possible quality and brought to you at a competitive price. In addition to the stones themselves, we also supply all of the necessary ancillaries for installation, including tools and sand.

  • The first step is to lay out the stepping stones in your garden. Make sure that the stones are no further apart than an average step-length. If you want to create a curving path, simply adjust the space between corners, tightening the space between inside corners and opening the space between outer corners. This is your chance to try out layout options, discovering the perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and practical value. Enjoy experimenting!
  • When you're satisfied with your layout, it's time to cut away the grass around each stone. To do this, use a turf edger or a spade that has a sharp, straight blade. Then, lift up the stone and remove the turf beneath. 
  • Dig out the topsoil underneath each stone to a depth that is around 5cm more than the depth of the stone. 
  • If the ground you're working on of particularly loose or soft, it's advisable to add a 5cm base layer of compacted sand. 
  • Place the stone into the prepared hole. You should use a spirit level to ensure that the stone is properly aligned at the same orientation and height as the others.
  • Use a rubber mallet to pound the stone firmly into place. 
  • Leave the stones for 24 hours to settle.
  • You're done! It's time to admire and use your new stepping-stone path.

You can find our collection of stepping stones and ancillaries, along with our complete selection of landscaping products, on the Greengate's local builders merchant website.

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