Top Brand Tools at Greengate's

As anyone with even the slightest knowledge of construction well knows, proper preparation is absolutely key to achieving good results. If you fail to prepare then you should prepare to fail! An important part of the preparation process is to equip yourself with high-quality tools and Greengate's, your local builders merchant, is here to help you do just that.

Along with our extensive collection of building materials, Greengate's supply a comprehensive array of tools that will help you to achieve the most professional results. We are an official supplier of tools from a range of well-known brands including Estwing, Marshalltown, Silverline and Stabila. This edition of our blog contains details about two other big tool brands that we supply: Stanley and Faithfull Tools.

Stanley Tools

Stanley is perhaps best known for its superlative collection of knives: so widespread are these tools that the very term 'Stanley knife' is generically applied to any knife manufactured in Stanley's distinctive style. As well as these signature items, Stanley also produce lots of other tools. The company was founded in 1843 and has always been renowned for excellence across the board, creating a pioneering collection of tools and accessories that are used by professionals and DIYers alike. As well as the classic retractable Stanley knife, Greengate's also supply a selection of other tools from the brand, including driver bits, folding squares, oilstones, line levels and tape measures. 

Faithfull Tools

Faithfull Tools is one of the most trusted tool brands in the UK, a position it has achieved by remaining true to its core principle of producing professional-quality tools at affordable, competitive and cost-effective prices. At Greengate's, you can choose from a diverse collection of Faithfull Tools that includes chisels, trowels, utility bars, pressure sprayers, inspection lamps, hammers and much more besides.

Check out the Greengate's website to discover the complete, comprehensive selection of tools we have available!

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