Top Tips for Timber Decking Design

As with any construction project, the right planning and preparation is essential in order to ensure professional results. In this edition of the Greengate's blog, we're going to share some important things to consider when planning a timber decking structure.

The first thing to think about is planning permission. You will need to seek and be granted planning permission from your local authority if your planned decking structure:

  • Will cover 50% or more of your garden
  • Will be installed within 20 metres of a public highway
  • Will exceed 3m in height
  • Will affect the privacy or value of nearby properties
  • Will be in a national park or conservation area
  • Will be attached to a listed building

Whatever type of deck you are planning, it is always best to check with the local authority first. Better safe than sorry!

When considering the location of your decking structure, you should be aware of where the sun will rise and set in relation to your garden. Most people will want the decking to be bathed in as much sunlight as possible so take this into account when planning where your decking will be located.

Think about how your decking will work in relation to your property. If you're going to want to use existing walkways, steps and doors then your deck will need to be planned around these. Your finished deck should complement your property, acting as an extension to the indoors rather than an exterior, unconnected structure.

Drainage is another crucial consideration. Green-treated decking boards from Greengate's, your local builders merchant, are grooved to allow water run-off but it is important to install the deck on a gradient so that these grooves can fulfill their intended purpose. This gradient should be set at a minimum of 1 in 80.

If you're building a raised deck then you should install balustrades to improve safety. The height of these balustrades depend on how far the surface of the deck is from the ground. Decks up to 600mm in height require a balustrade height of 900mm while decks above 600mm should have balustrades installed at 1,100mm. As well as making the decking safe, balustrades also add a beautiful aesthetic.&

Greengate's is your one-stop shop for timber decking. In addition to decking boards, we also supply spindles, newel posts and hand/base rails along with all required ancillaries such as decking screws, weed control fabric, wood stain and cleaning products. Check out our website for more details!

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