Top Tools for Perfect Projects!

Whether you are a DIYer or a trade professional, you know that starting a job with inadequate, inferior tools is just asking for trouble. Indeed, sourcing high-quality tools is a key part of the preparation process: if you fail to prepare then you should prepare to fail!

In addition to our extensive selection of building materials, Greengates Builders Merchant can also supply you with every tool you need for any job; currently, our collection of tools numbers over 860 different items! You'll find top-quality tools from the biggest brands including Stanley, Roughneck and Faithfull Tools.

Since it was established 80 years ago in 1943, Stanley has grown to become of of the most recognisable tool brands all over the world. Always a pioneer in the field, Stanley is a standard-setter and the brand's tools are known for their reliability, durability and accuracy. 

Knives are undoubtedly Stanley's signature item; the term 'Stanley knife' is applied generically to any knife of a similar style, showing just how successful the tools have become. Stanley knives and extra blades are available here at Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington, along with a selection of the brand's other tools including chisels, drill bits, staples and tape measures. 

The Roughneck brand was born in Los Angeles, California back in 1976, quickly becoming one of the most highly-renowned tool manufacturers for construction professionals in the USA. Today, the brand's tools are used across the globe and Roughneck's Gorilla V-Series (many items of which are available at Greengates) has become the UK's brand-leader in hammers and axes. All Roughneck products are carefully crafted to meet all relevant health, safety and quality standards. 

Faithfull Tools
Faithfull Tools has been successfully trading for more than three decades, having been established in 1989. During the intervening years, the brand has continued to innovate and evolve, increasing its product range and building on its reputation for high quality at an affordable, competitive price point. Greengates stocks over 150 different items from Faithfull Tools, including snips, wrenches, folding squares, cutting blades, pliers, trowels and many more. 

These are just three of the top-notch tool brands we supply here at Greengates, with our full range including tools from Estwing, Marshall Town, OX and others. Please browse our website to discover the complete collection. 

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