Torches, Lights & Hi-Vis Clothing: Be A Bright Spark in the Winter Dark!

Daylight Saving Time in the UK officially came to an end at 2am on Sunday 29th October, when the clocks went back an hour. Though many people didn't have to manually wind back an actual clock, instead relying on their mobile phones to automatically reset, we're betting that everybody was well aware of the change as it meant a blissful extra hour in bed!

During the winter months, Earth's axis is tilted away from the sun and so the nights are longer. The annual changing of the clocks makes this fact even more prominent, with the sun rising later and setting earlier. Sadly, working hours don't change and so things like lights, torches and hi-vis clothing become more important than ever, ensuring that work can continue safely and efficiently. Here at Greengates Builders Merchants, our extensive product portfolio includes a wide variety of these crucial items. 

High-Visibility Clothing
Combining fluorescent material with retro-reflective strips, hi-vis clothing was introduced to the UK in 1964 and was first experimentally used by employees of British Railways working in Scotland. The experiment was a complete success and the garments quickly became a staple workwear item across the scope of industry. Though wearing hi-vis clothing is mandatory in many workplaces all year round, it is of special importance during the winter months when light levels are at their lowest. 

The Greengates collection of hi-vis clothing includes:

Available in sizes from medium to XXXL, all of these garments are coloured hi-vis yellow and conform to the EN471: Class 2 standard. 

We also offer thermal gloves from OX Tools, which combine blue and hi-vis orange colours for maximum contrast. Available in large or extra-large size options, these gloves are designed to meet the EN388 standard. 

Torches and Lights
Greengates Builders Merchant Accrington proudly supplies a selection of versatile and reliable tilt-torches in Mini, Midi and Maxi formats (which offer luminosity levels of 150, 300 and 450 lumens, respectively). All of these torches come complete with a power bank and can be quickly recharged via USB. 

Our range of work lights is extensive, allowing you to find exactly the right solution for any given application. To discover the full collection, we invite you to browse the dedicated 'Lights and Torches' section of our website. Stay seen and stay safe this winter with Greengates!

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