Upgrade YOUR Garden with our Landscaping Products!

Upgrade YOUR Garden with our Landscaping Products!

It doesn't matter whether your garden is big, small or somewhere in between: what DOES matter is that it offers both visual appeal and practical value. There are many different ways to achieve these qualities in your own outdoor space and Greengates Builders Merchants can provide you with everything you need to do just that. For your convenience, we have grouped a superb selection of these products together on the dedicated 'Landscaping' page of our website. 

This edition of the Greengates blog showcases some of our landscaping product ranges to inspire you. 

Decorative Walling
Helping to delineate your garden as well as offering privacy, adding walls to your garden can completely transform how you use the space. Greengates Builders Merchants Accrington is a proud supplier of pitched face, split face and tumbled walling products from leading brand Marshalls, which are available in Buff or Grey colour options. 

Garden Decking
Providing an exciting aesthetic focal point while simultaneously creating a versatile outdoor living area, garden decking adds plenty of value to your home. We supply a comprehensive range of decking boards and components, along with all of the accessories you need to achieve the most professional, lasting results. In addition to traditional timber decking, which is green-treated to ensure longevity, we also supply composite decking crafted by the hugely popular Qube Regency brand.

Decorative Aggregates
Decorative aggregates have literally hundreds of different uses, from surfacing driveways and garden paths to improving soil drainage and filling unsightly gaps around patios. Here at Greengates, we offer a diverse array of different types, textures and colours to suit any taste, including gravel, pebbles, cobbles, slate, spar, granite, silica sand, bark and exotic moonstone. 

Weed Control
Weeds can have severe negative effects on a garden, from simply ruining its visual appearance to damaging the growth of other, more desirable, plants. The old saying about prevention being better than cure is most definitely applicable when it comes to weeds and one of the best ways to prevent them from growing in the first place is by installing geotextiles, of which there is a wide selection to choose from here at Greengates. If weeds have already taken hold then fear not! We also supply Weedol, one of the most effective weedkilling agents on the market. 

Please browse the Landscaping section of our website to discover our complete range of products designed to allow you to create the perfect garden. If you need further information or expert advice, just give our dedicated team a call.

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